Thursday, October 04, 2012

Important Announcement

Dear Presidents, Rev. Fathers and Respected Members of Member Countries of AFCMA, I have a few Important Announcements to make before our 15th AFCMA Congress starts in Bali, Indonesia 18-21Oct.2012 viz.:- (1) Dr. Albert Hendarta Organising Chairman and his 15th AFCMA Congress Organising Committee has asked me to inform you that the Final Announcement of the 15th AFCMA Congress is ready . Please look at our AFCMA Congress Website for full details. Credit Card payment for Online Registration is also now available in addition to the Paypal and Direct bank Transfer Methods of payment. Overseas Delegates who have Registered Online and given their Flight Details to the AFCMA Congress Secretariat will be greeted by a Member of the AFCMA Congress Organising Committee at the Bali Airport and taken to their respective Hotels.That welcoming person will be carrying an AFCMA placard for easy identification. (2) Annual Dues. This is the Membership Fee due to be paid by a Member Country of AFCMA for the period 2008-2012. Article L of the Statutes and Bylaws of AFCMA states that "the Annual Dues are assesed according to the number of Members in each Association as follows:- 50 USD(per year) for Associations with less than 100 members and 100 USD(per year) for Associations with 100 or more members". This money is the only source of income that AFCMA gets and is used for the Associations Expenditure and Activities.One of the Aims of AFCMA is to encourage the development of Catholic Medical associations in all countries of Asia in order to assist the Catholic Physician in his moral and spiritual development as well as in his technical advancement. That is why AFCMA is sponsoring the Delegates from the poorer countries of Asia who would otherwise be unable to attend the Congress.We hope that these Delegates will help to form and run their own Associations, Evangelise their own members and help their fellow country men when they return home from the Congress. I am glad that to date Japan, Korea, Oman and Malaysia have paid up their Annual dues. For those Member Countries who have not paid up yet can we request them to please pay to our AFCMA Hon. treasurer Dr. Chong Khin Yam at the AFCMA Congress in Bali? For convenience please pay your Annual dues in USD. Poorer Member Countries of AFCMA can pay a token sum to show their support for AFCMA. (3)I am glad to inform you the the Guild of St. Luke Hong Kong had their AGM recently and that Dr. Ambrose Leung has been elected as their new Master of the Guild. Dr. Ambrose Leung's e-mail is Please send him a congratulatory message. Finally as this will probably be my last message to you as President of AFCMA as my tenure of office will be over soon I would like to leave you with the following Bible Passages.Please remember that"Everything you do, you are doing it for the Glory of God!" and also"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbour as yourself---Luke 10:27". Thank you for your support to me and our AFCMA Council throughout these last four years(2008-2012). Please forgive me for my shortcomings and if I had unintentially had offended someone I am indeed truly sorry. Thank you and may Almighty God Bless us and shower His abundant Graces upon us. See you all in Bali, Indonesia for the 15th AFCMA Congress 18-21 Oct.2012. In Jesus Christ, Dr. Freddie Loh, President AFCMA.