Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Message from Dr Loh

My Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,
May the peace and Love of Christ be with you all.Today is indeed a happy day for us christians as we are celebrating the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This will be my last christmas message to you as my tenure of office will be over in oct.2012 at the 15th AFCMA congress in Bali, Indonesia.
As I reflect on the past events of the year the most significant event was the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and radiation leakage that affected the North East coast of Japan. Our Japanese colleagues from the Japan Association Catholic Medical Association led by Dr. buichi did a wonderful job in helping the victims of the tragedies. Our AFCMA member countries viz. Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore responded magnificently to the call for help by our Brothers and sisters from JCMA by contributing generously to the JCMA Fund for Tsunami Disaster of Japan. This augurs well for AFCMA and shows the excellent co-operation and compassion that our fellow AFCMA member countries have for each other.
I would now like to remind you to attend the 15th AFCMA Congress in Bali, Indonesia which is co-hosted by the Indonesian Catholic Medical Community (ICMC whose President is Dr. Ignatius Harjadi) and PERDHAKI (Dr. Felix Gunawan is the Executixe Director).The Congress will be held from 18-21 Oct.2012 and the theme is "The Challenges of Catholic Doctors in the Changing World".The Organising Committee led by Dr. Albert Hendarta is working very hard to ensure the success of the Congress. They hope to have a total of 600 participants.
Year 2011 has not been a good year for us all as torrential rain and floods have played havoc to most of our Asian countries especially Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia, etc resulting in loss of lives and damage to properties.
At the last AFCMA Congress in Hong Kong HE Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan exhorted us to reach out to those Asian countries which are not yet members of AFCMA.Actually India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka used to be members of AFCMA but unfortunately we have lost contact with their representatives. The previous contact from Pakistan Dr. Waris Khan has migrated. Fortunaetely God has Blessed us with two new countries viz. Vietnam and Cambodia. We look foward to seeing the Catholic Healthcare Workers Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (led by Dr. Pham Chi Lan and Rev. Father John Toai) and the Cambodian Catholic Healthcare Workers Association (led by Nurse Paola and soon to be Dr. Savoeun)at our 15th AFCMA Congress in Bali in Oct.2012.Dr. Jang Sang Park was elected to be in charge of memberships at the AFCMA Congress in 2008.We hope to get some more representatives from the Asian countries. So if you have any contact please let us know.
Another matter that I need to bring to your attention is the Bioethics Booklet. Dr. Edna Monzon Chair Person of our AFCMA Bioethics Committee has pledged to complete writing this important Booklet and hand it to us before the next Congress in Oct.2012. Meanwhile Dr. Edna is busily compiling all the relevant information together with the other Members of the Bioethics Committee. This is the Handbook on Bioethics for Catholic Healthcare Workers. It will be very useful for us Catholic Healthcare Givers as it will teach/remind us to follow the Teachings of the Magisterium and apply it to our daily lives.So please help us to pray for for the succesful completion of this Bioethics Booklet.
The above are two challenges that our AFCMA have to face with before the 15th AFCMA Congress in Bali in Oct.2012 viz. (1) to get more Asian countries to join AFCMA and
(2) the production of the Bioethics Booklet for Catholic Healthcare Workers. We sincerely hope that we will be able to achieve our targets.
Finally I conclude with St. Paul's Letter to the Phillipians 4:13----" I have the power to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me". This is to remind ourselves that if we have faith in Christ then nothing is impossible as He lives in us.
Thank you and God Bless and have a Blessed Christmas everyone!
In Jesus Christ,
Dr. Freddie Loh
President AFCMA