Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update from the President

Dear Friends from other member countries of FIAMC,
Allow me to update you on two important happenings in Asia one recent and the other in Oct.2012.
In March 2011 North East Japan was struck with the triple disasters of Earthquake, Tsunami and RadiationLeakage from the Fukushima power plant. According to Dr. Buichi Ishijima President of the Japan Catholic Medical association (JCMA) thousands of people were dead or missing and 25 towns and villages along the North East coast of Japan were swept away. Tha JCMA responded magnificently by sending its members to help in the affected areas but were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the triple disasters.JCMA then appealed to the international community for help by sending donations to the "JCMA Fund For Tsunami Disaster of Japan".The money would be used to purchase drugs and other medical necessities fot those affected by the disasters. Our own member countries of AFCMA were shocked and distressed and chipped in by asking their members to help our Dear Japanese Brothers and Sisters by donating to the"JCMA Fund...".Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore were among the countries which responded. Besides these our Asian countries also sent donations via Caritas from our local Churches raised from the parishioners..Due to the magnitude of the disasters Divine Intervention was essential. Therefor all of us offerred special prayers to ask our Lord Jesus to put a stop to the holocaust and comfort those affected by the disasters and help them to relive their lives again.
We are glad to say that the worse is over now and that Japan is on the road to recovery although the problem with the radiation leakage at the Fukushima power plants is not entirely over. The Japanese people and JCMA must be congratulated for their resilience in overcoming the grief and sufferings caused by the triple disasters.
I would now like to inform you that the 15th AFCMA Congress will be held in Bali Indonesia from 18-21 Oct.2011. The theme of the Congress is "The Challenges of Catholic Doctors in the Changing World".The Indonesian Catholic Medical Community (ICMC) and Perdhaki are jointly organising this important event. Some of the members of the Organising Committee are (1) Dr.Albert Hendarta-- Organising Chairman (2)Dr. Ignatius Widjaja-- President of ICMC and(3) Dr. Felix Gunawan-- Scientific Chairman.
Bali is a beautilful island with tropical forests, sandy beaches, coral reefs and fantastic shopping outlets. It will be a wonderful opportunity for those of you who have not been to Bali to come and join us in our 15th AFCMA Congress from 18-21 Oct.2012.On behalf of Dr. Albert Hendarta and the Organising Committee I would like to invite you to come for an Update on the many challenges that we Catholic Doctors are facing in the Changing World. After the Congress you can extend your stay in Bali to enjoy the many interesting facets that beautiful Bali has to offer.
Finally the Organising Committee will be sending out the First Announcement in the near future and we look foward to seeing some of you in Bali in from 18-21Oct.2012.Please keep those dates free.
Thank you and God Bless!
In Jesus,
Dr. Freddie Loh,
President AFCMA.