Saturday, December 06, 2008


The 14th Congress of the Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (AFCMA) was successfully concluded in Hong Kong on 30th November 2008.

We would like to congratulate Dr FREDDIE LOH from Malaysia who was elected as the new President of the AFCMA during the 14th AFCMA congress. We pray that God will give him and his new office bearers the grace and wisdom to carry out their tasks for the next 4 years.

The Congress Resolution made at the conclusion of the meeting was:

This congress reaffirms that all human beings have an inalienable dignity proper to the human nature present in everyone. In respect for this human dignity, we pledge to:

1. disseminate the knowledge about the inalienability of human dignity
2. care for our patients in way that maximally preserves their dignity, and
3. advocate for the dignity of vulnerable persons, such as the unborn, elderly, disabled, and the terminally-ill,etc.

You may access details of the lectures given during the Congress at the following AFCMA website:

Alternatively, you may go to our links section and click on "14th AFCMA Congress"