Thursday, September 15, 2005

Donations to the Tsunami Victims

This is an update on the many donations that the AFCMA member countries have contributed to the Tsunami victims in Aceh and Sri Lanka.

CASH and other Donations:
1)Japan donated US $ 5,000
2) Korea donated US$3,000
3)Singapore managed to raise S$202,400 on behalf of FIAMC and AFCMA which was given to Perdhaki(the Indonesian Medical Catholic Associations) for purchaase of an ambulance in Aceh as well as to support mobile clinics in Nias and Aceh.
4) Singapore also raised S$10,000 worth of logistics (Masks, gloves, medicines) which were sent to Sri Lanka and Aceh.
5) Korea sent 6 shipments of medicine to Aceh
6) Malaysia sent a medical team to Aceh as well as 2 shipments of medicines and supplies and food to Aceh.The Catholic Doctors Association of Malaysia also remitted a sum of RM 10,181.00 to the Jesuit Refugee Service in Aceh.

There may have been other donations that I am not aware of and if I have inadvertently omitted these I apologise for the oversight and will be delighted to publish these as soon as I receive the info from you. Please contact me at: if you wish to have your contributions published on this website.

Posted by Dr K Y Chong(Malaysia)