Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NIAS hospital- a proposal by Dr John Lee, AFCMA

Dear All,

FIAMC has developed a project with PERDHAKI to provide relief to Aceh and Nias. Nias in addition to being affected by the Tsunami was devastated by an earthquake on Easter Monday. During the course of discussion we have establish that there is a need to develop a hospital in Nias. We need to proceed on to the next level from here and there is a need to involve a few relevant parties in the discussions. This would include Prof Gian Luigi Gigli (President FIAMC) Dr Francois Blin (Hon Secretary FIAMC)Prof Kwang-ho Meng (President AFCMA) Dr Simon Castellvi (Spain) Dr Robert Walley (Matercare International) Dr Freddie Loh (Co-chair Missions AFCMA) Dr Kurniawan , Dr Albert Hendarta and Dr Widjo (Indonesian Catholic Doctors' Community) Dr Sally Ho and Dr Joseph Ong (Singapore) The people involved in this information group are concerned Catholic doctors who have indicated a desire to help in any project to relieve the sufferings of the vctims of Tsunami.

The proposal at the moment is to develop a hospital suitable for the needs of the people of NIAS. Dr Felix Kunawan will drive the project as he has been involved full time in the Tsunami relief and has the resources and local knowledge. We have negotiated with the diocese of Gunong Sitoli/Nias for the diocese to donate the land. This is important not only financially but because it signifies a commitment of the diocese to the project. Dr Felix has indentified a religious congregation FSGM Sister Congregation who will administer the hhospital and see to the recruitment of scarce medical personnel. FIAMC will help to coordinate the project and where necessary bring in foreign expertise. This is a massive project which will require the assistance of everyone.

As a necessary first step, Dr Felix will develop a project proposal which would include a simple need analysis (eg population served) and rough costing. He will also sign a MOU with the diocese of Gunong Sitoli/Nias agreeing to the donation of the land for a hospital. As we are all members of FIAMC I would suggest that the MOU be between FIAMC and diocese of Gunong Sitoli/Nias.

Rob, Felix has asked if you will agree to go to Nias and design the hospital layout which will include a maternity and children wing. (I am sorry that we have no funds for that at the moment. Can only promise free lodging in Singapore and maybe Indonesia if Felix can arrange it) We will also need some architectural and civil engineer input to ensure that the building is sound and able to withstand future earthquakes. If there is no suggestion of capable and willing individuals, I will source from Singapore. Experts from Indonesia will be better as they are more familiar with the culture and local conditions. I agree with Felix that the hospital should not be too big and sophisticated. However it must have the capability to perform surgery like Caesarean, appendisectomies, fracture reductions etc.

Any comments or suggestions from anybody?

Thank you for your interest in helping. God bless,
John Lee