Saturday, January 08, 2005

Update on Tsunami Situation in Aceh

A Message from Dr Albert Hendarta, Bandung, Indonesia:
This is my update: The official figures of the death in Indonesia up to yesterday are: more than 94.000. We believe that this will increase as facts are more open, especially from the isolated area, which is now being accessible for the rescue team.

A paediatrician from West java Catholic Doctor will follow the 2 doctors and 2 nurses from St Borromeus Hospital who are now in Banda Aceh, they will join into the Perdhaki team, who are now in different areas in Aceh.

So many donations from different parts of Indonesia and of the world are pouring to Aceh, with all the complications. So, isn't it better that we concentrate on the longer term reconstruction programs? And be more specific e.g. rebuild the churches in Nias Island, or rebuild the destroyd/vanish hospitals? This is just an idea.