Monday, January 17, 2005

Tsunami Update#2 from Dr Albert Hendarta, Bandung

Dear All,
Another update : the death victims in Aceh and North Sumatra have reach to more than 106.000, 12.000 disappear, around 500.000 are living in refuge camps.
This information below are the activities of Perdhaki in Aceh and north Sumatera. As you all have known that the catholic doctors join the effort of Perdhaki in helping the victims:
1.      December 26, 2004 (Sunday)
Afternoon : Perdhaki Regional Office of Sibolga informed Perdhaki central office that Nias island was strucked by tsunami and need help. Ms Asina and Dr Wonga were appointed to take action to help Nias.
2.      December 27, 2004 (Monday)
Perdhaki central office contacted Perdhaki Sibolga-Nias, asking more information about the  Nias and inquiry about the assistance needed. Perdhaki Nias (Sr Clara) was asked to take quick action and was allowed to purchased the needed medicines in Gunung Sitoli (capital city of Nias). Further assistance will be sent by perdhaki central office.
3.      December 28 to December 30, 2004 (Tuesday toThursday)
a. Perdhaki central office seeked information from Regional Office in Medan, concerning the action that will be taken for Aceh.
b.Since there is no Perdhaki’s infrastructure in Aceh, Perdhaki Medan inquiry Diocese of Medan about the action for Aceh.
c. Perdhaki central office supported Bishop Conference for medical supplies for action in Aceh.
d.Perdhaki central office mobilized the first medical team, consist of 2 doctors, 3 nurses and 1 sanitarian. They were coming from Boromeus hospital (Bandung), Desa Putera health centre (Jakarta) and Perdhaki central office. Perdhaki central office also mobilized the medical supplies to be used by the team in the field.
4.      December 31,2004 (Friday)
a. The first medical team was briefed in Perdhaki office.
b.Some medical supplies was sent to Bishop conference to be sent to Medan by Hercules flight and then to Banda Aceh.
5.      January 1, 2005 (Saturday)
a. The first medical team arrived in Medan
b.The medical team met with Dr Felix Tarigan (Perdhaki Medan), the diocese of Medan
c. The team directly go to Banda Aceh, for giving emergency medical treatment to the victims in the disaster area.
6.      January 2, 2005 (Sunday)
a. Dr Felix submitted the name of 2 persons (one doctor and one nurse) who will become the second team to go to the East coast.
b.The medical team fly to Aceh by Hercules flight from Medan
7.      January 3, 2005 (Monday)
The medical team informed central Perdhaki that there were sufficient doctors and medical supplies in Banda Aceh, so the team will go to outside Banda Aceh, possibly to Lhoh Sumawe
8.      January 4, 2005 (Tuesday)
a. The medical team informed central office that they decided to split the team into 2 teams: One team (consist of one doctor and one nurse) stay in Banda Aceh and one other team went to west coast (consist of 4 persons).
b.Since the diocese of Medan didn’t have post in west coast, the team joint with other NGOs to go to West Coast (Leugen and Patik) by boat.
c. The team planned to stay in west coast for about 4 days.
d.The team informed central office that there were still many dead bodies laying along the coast and seems so far no medical assistant available.
e. The second team will be dispatched as soon as possible to help them.
9.      January 5, 2005 (Wednesday)
a. The second team (consist of one doctor and one nurse) was brifed in Perdhaki office
b.Bishop conference informed Perdhaki central office that they will receive 10 clinic’s equipment for west coast and asking Perdhaki whether could supply medical team.
c. Bishop conference also asking Perdhaki for doctors for providing medical service to the refugees in Medan (under diocese of Medan)
d.Perdhaki made tentative planning for dispatching further medical teams to west coast (the third, fourth, fifth and sixth).
1. January 6, 2005 (Thursday)
    Perdhaki plan to set up POSKO (Coordinating Post) in Banda Aceh by rent the house for three months and recruit 2 doctors and 2 administrators (recording and reporting) also for three months as coordinating post.
2. January 7, Friday
The first team in Banda Aceh confirmed that they can find the house to be rent, 2 doctors confirmed they can support the disaster for three months. The team in Banda Aceh will recruit 2 administrator.
3. January 10, Monday
The third team, fly to Banda Aceh, consists of 2 doctors and 2 nurses from Atma Jaya Hospital, Jakarta.
They will stay until January 24.
4. January 13, Thursday
dr. Felix Gunawan (Executive Director of Perdhaki) fly to Banda Aceh and one  doctor who will stay for three months.
Perdhaki's support for disaster in:
1. Nabire (Papua) : Medicine  through Perdhaki Region of Jayapura
2. Alor (East Nusa Tenggara): Medicine through Perdhaki Region of Kupang.
Dear All, Perdhaki really need your support for short term and long term program. You can contact Perdhaki central office in Jakarta, Jl Kramat VI / 7, Jakarta 10430, Indonesia. Phone: 62-21-3140455, 3909245, Fax; 62-21-31926044. Email:, . Contact Person: Dr Felix Gunawan, Perdhaki Executive Director, and Irene Kusuma.
With best regards,
Albert Hendarta
West Java Catholic Doctor Community
Perdhaki Central Board.