Friday, January 28, 2005

An Appeal for an AMBULANCE for ACEH from the President of Catholic Doctors Association in Indonesia

Dr Felix Gunawan, the president of Perdhaki( Indonesian Catholic Doctors Association) has sent this Email to the AFCMA :
"Here is some information on Perdhaki's action in helping the tsunami victims in Aceh: Up till now we had dispatched 10 medical doctors, 15 nurses, 1 sanitarian and 1 psychologist to Banda Aceh, West coast and East coast of Aceh.
We have set up Coordination offices in Banda Aceh and Medan. Their function is to arrange the place of work (location of health posts that need our help) for our medical teams sent from Jakarta, to distribute medical teams to health posts and to pick them back. If you want to support our actions, you may support the transportation for our teams, from Jakarta to Medan or Banda Aceh, and from Medan/Banda Aceh to the health posts, either in the city of Banda Aceh, in the West coast or in East coast of Aceh. The support can be in the form of money (to buy plan ticket, to rent boat, to rent car) or support us with simple ambulance car (can be purchased in Jakarta andsent to Medan/Banda Aceh). We are planning to continue our relief work until 6 months. Our regional office in Medan, can continue the work after the 6 month period finish, with development program (provide training to the local health personnels).Thank you very much for your kind attention."
Sincerely yours, Dr Felix Gunawan

Posted by Dr K Y Chong, Malaysia (Please Email your queries to Dr Gunawan at